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Jul. 26th - Carbon Storing Buildings: A Gateway to Justice and Belonging

Join Jacob Racusin of New Frameworks and Chris Magwood of Builders for Climate Action for a critical look at our practices that have endeavoured to embed justice and belonging alongside the highest goals for building health, efficiency, and carbon storage in projects - for the purpose of workshopping how our industry can scale carbon storage and justice, rapidly, to address climate justice. From organizational structure to project development to design details, we will provide an honest look at our development so as to ask and answer the question with our colleagues - what can we learn from our mistakes and successes, our limitations and opportunities? How do we scale this work to meet the demands of climate crisis and human justice, quickly and creatively?

In this presentation, Jacob and Chris will show us how to:

  • Translate theoretical goals into improved, scalable practice

  • Evaluate how organizations can incorporate their values into building projects and products

  • Identify strategies used by the presenters that have resonance and applicability to participants’ own practices

  • Identify how lessons learned can be useful to the industry facing a need to rapidly scale just climate responses



Chris Magwood, Director of Research, Builders For Climate Action

Chris Magwood helped to establish Builders for Climate Action in 2019 and has been leading development of the BEAM carbon estimator tool for low-rise construction.

In 2022, Chris joined the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Embodied Carbon initiative within RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings team. From 2011-2022, Chris was a director and teacher at The Endeavour Centre, a not-for-profit sustainable building school. Chris has authored seven books on sustainable building. His new book, Building Beyond Zero: New Ideas for Carbon-Smart Architecture, is co-authored with Bruce King and published by Island Press.

Chris is an active speaker and workshop instructor in Canada and internationally.

Jacob Racusin, Director of Building Science and Sustainability, New Frameworks Natural Design/Build

Jacob Deva Racusin is Director of Building Science and Sustainability with New Frameworks Natural Design/Build. As a consultant, designer, and educator, Jacob merges his passions for ecological stewardship, relationship to place, and social justice. Jacob is also an Embodied Carbon Analyst and BEAM Trainer and Co-Developer with Builders For Climate Action. Jacob has authored two books and numerous articles, and instructs on topics of building science and climate impact. An active member of the Carbon Leadership Forum, Jacob is engaged in code and policy development, professional training, and other initiatives supporting the transition to a more just industry.

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