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Sep. 16th - Embodied Carbon PathFinder Tool & Costing Study

Join us for a tour through the new Embodied Carbon PathFinder tool. Developed by Morrison Hershfield, Open Green Building Society, and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, the PathFinder tool enables industry professionals to make informed decisions early in the design process. In addition, results from the associated costing study will be shared publicly for the first time

Our three speakers will provide guidance on how the Building PathFinder Tool, drawing upon real projects to share lessons learned and how low carbon choices impact project costs:


Event Outline:

Event Outline:

Ivan Lee (Morrison Hershfield)

  • Building PathFinder overview

  • How you can use this tool to explore low carbon options on your next project

Navid Hossaini (Recollective Consulting)

  • PathFinder Tool in action

  • Success on recent projects

Patrick Enright (City of Vancouver)

  • Cost Implications of low carbon choices, and the results of the City of Vancouver Costing Study

Question and Answers (20 minutes)

Event Speakers:

Ivan Lee, PEng LEED AP Building Science Consultant, Morrison Hershfield

Ivan is a Building Science Consultant and Team Lead of the component modelling group in the Building Performance Analysis department with a focus on thermal analysis, hygrothermal analysis, and Life Cycle Analysis. Ivan was one of the main contributors to the Embodied Carbon Building PathFinder tool and the whole building life cycle analysis study for the City of Vancouver to help shape embodied carbon reduction policies for new buildings. Ivan is also a member of the Structural Engineering Institute Sustainability Committee serving as the co-chair of the Thermal Bridging Working Group as well as a member of the Carbon Leadership Forum – Vancouver Chapter.

Navid Hossaini, PEng, PhD, LEED AP, CEO, Recollective Consulting

Navid is a registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) in BC with over a decade of experience in sustainability consulting, decarbonization planning, green building master planning and R&D. Navid received his Ph.D. from UBC with a focus on high-performance and net-zero carbon buildings. As a green building expert, Navid has delivered lectures at UBC and presented at international conferences.

Patrick Enright, PEng Senior Green Building Engineer, City of Vancouver

Patrick Enright is a Senior Green Building Engineer with the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Group, where he works on green building policy and code updates for large new buildings. Current priorities include the implementation of the Zero Emissions Building Plan, and creating a policy to reduce embodied emissions in the construction sector. Patrick is a professional engineer with years of experience in the building industry, including a number of years with a Vancouver firm in mechanical design and energy modeling. Before moving to Vancouver, Patrick worked in the national project management office of Defence Construction Canada located in Ottawa.

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