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Sept 19th. - Hybrid Event: A Pragmatic Approach to Low Carbon Concrete

This is a hybrid event. To book tickets for the in-person event, please click here. To book tickets for the online webinar, please click here. In-person attendees:

  • Lunch will be provided.

  • Networking and registration 11:30-12:00

  • Panel Discussion: 12:00 – 1:00

  • Networking and close 1:00-1:30

Tackling embodied carbon is critical to addressing the climate crisis and minimizing the overall footprint of the built environment. As one of the most widely used construction materials, concrete also is typically the single largest contributor to a building’s embodied carbon.

Hear from the co-authors of Concrete: A Pragmatic Approach to Lowering Embodied Carbon about how to evaluate and implement cost-effective strategies to reduce concrete’s carbon impact. The presentation will provide clear, actionable, and economical guidelines to aid project teams in every step of the design process, from optimizing structural systems to specific concrete mix designs.

Join us for an online webinar, engaging discussion about specifying, procuring, and building with low carbon concrete and learn how to utilize the free, easy-to-use guidelines on your projects.

This event will be hosted both in-person and online. In-person and virtual attendees will both have the opportunity to ask questions, but joining in person is recommended for the opportunity to meet and speak with our panellists both before and after the discussion.

Lunch will be provided for those attending in person.


This is a hybrid event. To book tickets for the in person event, please click here. To book tickets for the online webinar, please click here.

Speakers: Matt Dalkie, Senior Sustainability Manager, LaFarge Matt has worked in the cement industry for his entire career and is currently the Senior Sustainability Manager for Lafarge in Western Canada. Before this position, he held engineering positions in manufacturing plants and technical centers in NZ, UK, France and Canada. He has a detailed knowledge and understanding of cement manufacturing and the production of concrete and concrete products. Matt holds a degree in Chemical Technology, is a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction and holds a variety of NRMCA certifications. He is active on CSA Concrete (CSA A23.1/2) and Cement (CSA A3000) standards development committees, chairing the A3000 committee and the sustainability subcommittees for both standards. He also sits on ACI committees for Concrete Sustainability, Alternative Cements, Concrete Durability, and Soil Cementing. Matt is a registered Professional Engineer in BC and Alberta.

Yury Kulikov, Associate Principal, Fast + Epp Yury has an extensive design experience in recreational, cultural, and residential buildings. His ability to conceptualize the design in the early development stages along with a remarkable attention to detail results in structurally efficient and architecturally expressive buildings. Yury strongly believes that structural design plays a key role in the reduction of the construction industry’s carbon emissions. He leads our sustainability initiatives, and he is currently implementing the Fast + Epp Embodied Carbon Action Plan set to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects. As Fast + Epp continues to focus on sustainable design, Yury also guides the development of our new Life Cycle Assessment services, which will help our clients to make informed sustainable design choices.

Iain MacFadyen, Principal, ZGF Passionate about the wellness of people, our planet, and our resources, Iain realized early in life that he wanted to make a difference. After studying Ecology Resource Management as an undergraduate and completing a master’s degree in Environmental Architecture, he focused his energy on the AEC industry. Iain’s system-based thinking supports his drive to find the best building performance solution for each situation. As a project leader dedicated to partnership and knowledge sharing, Iain’s ideas are translated into built outcomes that benefit everyone, pushing clients, colleagues, and the industry forward.

Jolene McLaughlin, Vice President Climate & Sustainability, Ellis Don Jolene has spent more than 12 years driving sustainability initiatives across various segments of the built environment.  As the Sustainability Director for EllisDon Corporation, she works to build partnerships across the industry that support carbon emissions reductions throughout the value chain, from the materials used, to onsite processes and operational energy of buildings.

Event Location: 397 W 7th Ave #300, V5Y 1M2 Vancouver BC Canada

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